The Burden of Comparison

As a mom and a home maker I’m constantly doing something and constantly feeling like I’m not doing anything. It is a burden most of us carry. The burden of comparison. We always always compare ourselves unfavorably to others. If I feel tired and need a break, my mind says why do you need a […]

You told me to Ask!

You Told me to Ask: I looked at my sins I was distraughtI looked inside my heart, I was ashamedI looked down at my body parts, Never again could I look back up Yet You, You inspired in me the confidence to Ask!Despite it all, In Spite of it all, You lifted my hands!My sinning […]

The Human Psyche

Siblings & Love

When you’re little, your whole world is the home you know. Your parents, your siblings-your family. You cannot imagine a world or time without them. They are, as essential to you as your own limbs. I remember when i was in 3rd grade maybe, i asked my mom who she loves more us(her children) or […]

The Many Versions of White People

White People making Small talk (committing many a faux pass) Dr Grant:-So will your child understand what I’m saying? Me: Yes but I’ll also help. Dr: What language does he speak? Me: Urdu fluently. English partially. Dr: Certainly your English is very good. Me: Well i had the privilege of growing up tri-lingual. My son […]

The Three Groups in my Friend’s List

When you grow up like me, average Pakistani and then suddenly turn towards religion, your Contact’s list ends up having a variety of people which can be broadly categorized into 3 types:- Type 1:- The ones that respect you for your newfound knowledge and ask questions like:- *What’s the difference between Hand Slaughter and Machine […]

I know a Little Boy who makes Dua like he means it!

So Every time this kid wanted something, his parents would say Ask Allah and then they would secretly get him what he wanted. The little boy kept praying. This one time he wanted a back-hoe (picture for reference) but he didn’t just want ANY back-hoe, he wanted one with a front bucket, back bucket, stabilizing […]


“Loneliness sets in. Sometimes it’s the places your soul once knew. Sometimes it’s the people. And sometimes it’s the relationships you once had. Nostalgia is a painful thing. A glimpse, a smell, a particular high-pitched laugh, a whisper, a song, a hymn. Time. A sort of pain that carries over, and envelopes you in waves. […]

This thing called Grief & Learning to Traverse It

As you go through life, and the older you grow, the harder life gets.  There’s all sorts of pain, struggles and scars. Each one meant to move us, test us and mold us in different ways. The struggle is learning to sit with our pain, acknowledging it and allowing it to pass over, eventually. With […]

A Tale of Two Notebooks

Allow me to say, at the risk of sounding pompous, that I have been writing for a very long time .At the risk of sounding, well lame, allow me to also say that I have, now, NOT been writing for a very long time as well. Strangely for no other reason than not having a […]