I know a Little Boy who makes Dua like he means it!

So Every time this kid wanted something, his parents would say Ask Allah and then they would secretly get him what he wanted. The little boy kept praying. This one time he wanted a back-hoe (picture for reference) but he didn’t just want ANY back-hoe, he wanted one with a front bucket, back bucket, stabilizing […]


“Loneliness sets in. Sometimes it’s the places your soul once knew. Sometimes it’s the people. And sometimes it’s the relationships you once had. Nostalgia is a painful thing. A glimpse, a smell, a particular high-pitched laugh, a whisper, a song, a hymn. Time. A sort of pain that carries over, and envelopes you in waves. […]

This thing called Grief & Learning to Traverse It

As you go through life, and the older you grow, the harder life gets.  There’s all sorts of pain, struggles and scars. Each one meant to move us, test us and mold us in different ways. The struggle is learning to sit with our pain, acknowledging it and allowing it to pass over, eventually. With […]

A Tale of Two Notebooks

Allow me to say, at the risk of sounding pompous, that I have been writing for a very long time .At the risk of sounding, well lame, allow me to also say that I have, now, NOT been writing for a very long time as well. Strangely for no other reason than not having a […]


Perhaps one of the most difficult conversations to have is to console a grieving friend at the time of death of a loved one. Their loss seems irreplaceable and words seem futile. For years i struggled with this and avoided having to call anyone over the passing of their loved ones, until i lost someone […]


The Beloved

If envy is a sin then I am the incurable sinner for I envy every eye that ever caught a glimpse of you. I envy the waves that carried your voice, and the air that touched your cheeks. I envy even the ground that once served you, and I confess to you that despite my […]

How a little girl prompted Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard

Grace Bedell’s Letter: Dear Sir My father has just home from the fair and brought home your picture and Mr. Hamlin’s. I am a little girl only 11 years old, but want you should be President of the United States very much so I hope you wont think me very bold to write to such […]


Competition-I Want That Too!

It is interesting to observe in traditional cultures, especially in the Muslim world, that the marketplaces are comprised of rows of businesses dealing with the same product. In America, it would be considered foolish to open a business in proximity to a business already selling the same product. In Damascus, everyone knows where the marketplace […]


A Tale of Two Cities

1. I am only the house of your beloved, not the beloved Himself: true love is for the treasure, not for the coffer that contains it. “The real beloved is that One who is unique, who is your beginning and your end. When you find that One, you’ll no longer expect anything else: that is […]