The heart aches for the One who understands tears. It longs for the One that understands silence. It yearns for the One that grants it peace in pain. The One who comforts it. The One who envelops it. The One who loves it. Unconditionally. Even though it’s a sick heart. Even though its a dark, […]

Unapologetically Niqabi

Regarding the recent comments by a certain professor on the Pakistani scene and the resulting trend (which we actively participated in) about Niqabis voicing their anger and mentioning their accomplishments: I absolutely LOVE the fact that there are so many awesome niqabi Pakistani women in all walks of life now! But I hate that we […]

Dressing Well

I had a conversation with my neighbor Jenny, the other day that got me thinking. So what happened was that she happened to come out of her house in her Pj’s which I’ll admit I did not notice on account of forever living the PJ life 🤣 But she started apologizing profusely! That I’m so […]