Unapologetically Niqabi

Regarding the recent comments by a certain professor on the Pakistani scene and the resulting trend (which we actively participated in) about Niqabis voicing their anger and mentioning their accomplishments:

I absolutely LOVE the fact that there are so many awesome niqabi Pakistani women in all walks of life now! But I hate that we always have to explain or mention our degrees. It`s almost as if we are always trying to over-compensate for being a Hijabi/Niqabi. Accomplishments or not, I`m a Niqabi. Alhumdolillah. And that neither contributes towards my accomplishments nor detracts from them. What it does contribute towards is my faith, my confidence, my freedom & my identity.

Accomplishments or not, I`m a niqabi, & I do not need to justify my choice to anyone.I have the right to just BE just as you! The same right to wear or not wear, SAME AS YOU. by protecting my right to wear this, I am also protecting YOUR right to wear what you wish to wear. I did not think this would be a statement I would ever have to make as a citizen of a Muslim state. But here we are. I donot need to tout my degrees or experiences in order to defend my right to wear anything. I wear what I please because it’s the most basic human right! I am who I am. I can be the most non-productive person on the planet and I STILL GET TO CHOOSE TO WEAR WHAT I WANT. cz it’s my bloody choice. Why is that so hard to understand? It’s not rocket science (pun intended) and it’s not some deep falsafa.It’s simply Meri marzi. Jaan chorein!

pic for attention;)

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