Hope Lingers…

Everyday when I walk out on the big roads, I look around and see what Eighteen Crore other people in Pakistan see. The badly damaged roads, the non-existing drainage system, the poor beggars, the garbage on the side walks, the naked children, people with upturned noses and those with outstretched hands. I hear the noise […]

The Human Psyche

Man`s Flight

Man has always yearned to fly, to soar above the clouds, to glide in the skies, to feel the wind on his cheeks, merely to defy gravity. He made ships, he made planes, and he went into space. Yet he could not be like the smallest of birds, he could not fly, not literally. But […]


The Nation That Cried Wolf- 101 Lies We tell Everyday

To the Shopkeeper – I have no change To the Teacher – The computer ate my assignment To the Friend who keeps calling – Tinkoo tell him I am in the washroom To the guest who comes at odd times – Pinkoo tell him I am not home To the Servant/Masi – No my saas […]