Why Spidey Was Right and Imran Isn`t…

Caution: Please note just in case some over-zealous Imran supporter wishes to take me on: I`M  F-A-T! “With great power comes great responsibility” And then he walks off looking all cool and nonchalant, as if doing the right thing comes naturally. Okay maybe it does, maybe our hearts ARE in the right place and most […]

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The Great Divide

**Guest Post by Nauman Abbas, a Network Engineer based in the U.K. The writer blogs at Living Like A Traveller** It hasn’t been much time I was just one of the typical teenagers of the society. And like any other human being all of us intrinsically want attention and appreciation. So did I. Every human needs […]

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“As I lie on my bed, staring up at the ceiling fan, making apologetic sounds in the absence of electricity, I think about what probably every Pakistani is thinking about these days, Osama Bin Laden. I wonder at times what could have induced this diabolical man to leave the luxurious lifestyle of the typical Arab, […]