No Life but That Perfect Life!

Staying original in the world of social media is hard. Staying disconnected from it all while still being “connected” is hard. This “race” starts to affect the state of our heart. This desire to be “known” is at the end and at its essence a form of Riya, And this desire to be “known” is a problem.

The best part of my work however IS meeting new people. I LOVE meeting other Muslimahs striving on their paths to be closer to Allah SWT. I LOVE being a tiny part of your struggles, getting glimpses of your Journeys, and traveling a little bit of your unique paths!

This is an honour and a privilege! As human beings, we are BUILT to SEEK meaning, to seek meaningful connections! These connections are an essential part of our own journeys!

But it’s easy to get carried away. To replace the meaningful with the meaningless, the soulful with the trivial. One tap a time. One story a time.

The key is in finding a balance and renewing our intention periodically. Striking a balance that works for us. The balance between staying connected and still be disconnected in the heart.

Allahuma la eesha eeshal Akhirah.

May Allah SWT preserve our hearts!

How do you d protect your essence? Let me know:)

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