Social Media has been a very disturbing place in recent weeks. I donot like to speak on topics when they’re “hot” or “trending”. It’s just not me & I’m sure there are others like me.

Some of us prefer our silence. We are not reactionary and when we open our mouths we wish only to speak of God, love and peace.

But the forces of darkness won’t let us be. They’re organized, united and purposefuly sinister.

They donot seek tolerance of their lifestyle. They donot even, just, seek acceptance. An acceptance I will not give. They seek validation. A validation I will not give.

But they donot stop there. Now they seek conversion!

They took my silence to mean weakness and they threatened to come for my children. (Google it)

In so doing, they robbed me of the luxury to remain silent.

While i could previously practice “hate the sin and not the sinner”-I can no longer do so, for I have been attacked now.

And I will not stand back and witness quietly the swift degeneration of my society, the onslaught of moral perversion and the loud self-righteous proclamations of those seeking tolerance whilst they themselves are furthest from practicing it.

I shall roar.

For my children. And for the children of my homeland.


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