The Three Groups in my Friend’s List

When you grow up like me, average Pakistani and then suddenly turn towards religion, your Contact’s list ends up having a variety of people which can be broadly categorized into 3 types:-

Type 1:- The ones that respect you for your newfound knowledge and ask questions like:-

*What’s the difference between Hand Slaughter and Machine Slaughter?

*What ingredients do i need to look out for in my makeup that make it halal/Haram?

*What ingredient do I need to look for in Cheese?

Type 2:- The Ones that don’t care and think you’re over-doing it:-

*Oh come on, Halal is Halal, don’t make religion difficult

*What? How can makeup be halal/Haram?

*Bass kar do. Itna nai detail me jana chaye.

Type 3:- And then there’s Type Three: MOM a.k.a (one man army;))

Halal khati ho na?

God bless our moms for keeping us grounded.alhumdolillah 🙂

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