Pakistan Floods 2022

The heart is so heavy watching images of the homeland.
Watching the most destitute of our already improverished people go through so much is heartbreaking to say the least.

Remember that trials & tribulations are sent upon the most beloved of Allah’s creation and have a purpose. The people of the greatest tribulation are the Prophets and then those closest to them and then those closest to them.
But for those of us that are safe and privileged, the grief is accompanied by guilt. It feels almost disrespectful going through day to day tasks and especially posting on Social Media.

Yet we KNOW that because Allah’s Hikmat is all-encompassing, the fact that WE (those of us sitting comfortably, alhumdolillah in our lounges) are going through these feelings ALSO MUST have a purpose! So what is our purpose? What is the purpose of all this grief and guilt that we are feeling?

In the Muwatta of Imam Malik, Isa (a.s) was reported to have said:-

“People are of two types,:-

  1. People of wellbeing
  2. People of tribulation
    So have compassion for the people of tribulation and show gratitude for well-being.”
    Imam Muhammad al Hasan, says in his commentary on the Mudhara, there are two conditions that people have:
  3. Where you have afiyah, you have the wellbeing in yourself, in your family but you get problems of other people.
  4. You have problems yourself.

The tribulations of others are actually a blessing if they come to you for help or advice or just to lighten their hearts, it is an opportunity to earn some closeness to Allah.

Our test is to respond appropriately

That is the nature of the world. It is to test you. You are either tested in yourself or by way of being shown the trials of others & you have to respond appropriately!

Tragedies mold us. Such tragedies make some people ask, “Where is God?” But God may very well answer with a question: “Where are you?!”

I Reiterate: Our test, those of us in our TV lounges, our comfy homes, alhumdolillah, our test is to respond appropriately!

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