The Burden of Comparison

As a mom and a home maker I’m constantly doing something and constantly feeling like I’m not doing anything.

It is a burden most of us carry. The burden of comparison. We always always compare ourselves unfavorably to others. If I feel tired and need a break, my mind says why do you need a break. Look at so and so she’s a mom, homemaker AND has a 9-5 job. Or so and so that has twins and no help. Or so and so that is a single mom.

We all have our burdens. You rock the boat you are given to steer and you only FEEL the depth and weight of that particular boat. And it’s okay. It’s ok to feel your boat is in rocking water.

We all seek fulfilment. We do the things we do BECAUSE we are DESIGNED to SEEK that fulfilment. For me it has been different things at different points of my life. As a mom I’m unable to pursue those things. This doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful. AT ALL. But my soul has been DESIGNED to SEEK fulfilment.

So I always try to keep a few things for myself, my writing, my online business, my reading.My me-time. My sanity. It rejuvenates me.

But It struck me today that even though these are things that I enjoy,they fulfill, but only momentarily! It is from HIS immense blessings that HE allows us to feel this fulfilment. But this TOO has a purpose. It is but a glimpse of what real fulfilment can be like. The one that comes from KNOWING HIM. our Merciful merciful kareem Rab. The Source of all fulfilment!

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