To Love…

When you come to Allah,come with an empty mind, a clean slate, because when people bring their pre-conceived notions to the Deen,they start looking for escape routes and hence end up going fatwa shopping, eventually defeating the whole purpose. For to love, is to love unconditionally, and to love unconditionally is to surrender. And when the object of one`s affections is the Supreme Being,why question His infinite wisdom at all, for to love is to obey!

   سَمِعْنَا وَأَطَعْنَا

                        We hear and we obey: Qur’an 24: 51-52


Ibn Qayyim Rahimullah said:

He is Allah, Yet you do not Love Him?

From the most amazing of matters is that you know Him, yet you do not love Him.

You hear his caller (the Prophet ﷺ) yet you delay in responding to him.

You know the prestige of working for Him, yet you work for those other than Him.

You know the gravity of His Anger, yet you challenge Him.

You taste the harsh reality of disobeying Him, yet you do not seek and long for the delight of obeying Him.

You feel the tightness in your heart when you engage in conversations about other than Him, yet you do not long for the opening of your chest through His Remembrance and having an intimate discourse with Him.

You taste the bitterness of your heart’s attachment to other than Him, yet you do not flee to Him and to the joy of returning to Him.

And it is even more amazing that you know you will never have anyone other than Him, and that you are the most destitute of things to Him, yet you crave and ache for what will take you far away from Him.

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