You told me to Ask!

You Told me to Ask:

I looked at my sins I was distraught
I looked inside my heart, I was ashamed
I looked down at my body parts, Never again could I look back up

Yet You, You inspired in me the confidence to Ask!
Despite it all, In Spite of it all, You lifted my hands!
My sinning hands!
You moved my tongue! My sinning tongue!
And You, You gave me words, to ask!
Whilst the Cursed One whispered into my heart
My poor, wronged, weakened heart!
Scared me & overwhelmed me
Of my audacity! Oh the sheer audacity of my asking!
You poured light into my poor broken heart
You mended the holes, the scars

You enveloped me in the warmth of your mercy!
And You whispered into my broken heart:
Oh my Sinning Slave! The one that wronged her own soul!
Donot despair of the mercy of your Lord!

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