Woman, Thy Name is Entrepreneur!

Woman, Thy Name Is Entrepreneur!
Woman, Thy Name Is Entrepreneur!

Dedicated to Sano, Maheen Mumtaz and all those who put in a word(or two:P) about my writer`s block:P Thank you girls for pushing me! And to all those women part of Woman,Thy Name is Entrepreneur!

Old friends are like the “BAAMB”. No, seriously, they have the unique ability to transport us back to the “crazy ole days” when we were young(er:P) and talked of revolutionizing the world (and the universe while we were at it:P). Hence you may blame my weird wanna-be-pre-adolescence tone in this article at Sanniya Khan Ghouri:P But then again something she said broke through my writer`s block and here I am writing again alhumdolillah!( which also means that if the article is bad, you can blame it on her:P).

People often ask me (or maybe it`s just in my head:P) about how/why I started  my tiny business (bear with me, I swear I have a point:P). It`s funny really, but I never really could pin-point exactly when the idea took root:

-” I’m going to improvise. Listen, there’s something you should know about me… about inception. An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define you or destroy you.”- Inception

I know the idea was there and my hubby, parents, in-laws and the following hadith finally helped me to take the plunge and utilize my Haq Mehr (ok, may be not until I blackmailed dear hubby in to agreeing to re-imburse me if I lost all my money:D) . And yes alhumdolillah I`ve the bestest hubby in the world who gave Haq Mehr cz Real Men Give Mehr :P. Oh wait, the Hadith:

‘Blessing consists of ten parts: nine parts are contained in trade [i.e. working to earn one’s living] and the tenth part lies in endurance.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 103, p. 5, no. 13]

Anyway, it was Sano`s text today really that reminded me of the idea we had in our bachpan, when we were young Hijabis, starting out and our Hijabs were then a symbol of us standing out from the crowd, of rebellion and what not. Our Hijabs were (and are) our identity, Alhumdolillah! Its funny when people say that the Hijab is a means of stifling Muslim women. Our response: Just talk to one of us, it`ll dispel your myths. Anyway THE text after Sano saw my online brand:

OYE! Remember wadi siri-niki siri?:D
(Punjabi for Big Head-Small head:P)

Yes truly that is what we named our brand back then! Allah o Akbar! Thank the Lord we didn`t have the finances to start a business at the time, or you would be plagued today by teenage girls going around with scarves with skulls on them or “Danger!20,000 Watts”  :p

 Lol Astagfirullah! And my ustaaza thought the name The Undercover Sisters was funny! That`s what happens when too much hormones combine with too much of “ham dunya badleinge”:P My mum was right when she said: “Bedsheet badal nai saktay, dunya badlainge”. L-O-L.
All of us have stories. All of us have our own personal journeys, each unique in its own right ( I`m just narcissist and blogged mine:P) But honestly this had never hit me so much as it hit me (quite literally and thoroughly:P) these past few couple of weeks while arranging an all-women exhibition in the heart of Pakistan i.e Islamabad! It dawned on me that how creative our women are! Who says Muslim women or Pakistani women are stifled? Come to the event and see for yourselves! How talented these women are and how resourceful!

‎”We women are strong. We are brave. We are resourceful, daring and will give our lives for the ones we love. And we always have done. Allah (swt) fashioned us that way.”   [September Editorial, SISTERS Magazine]

Woman, Thy Name Is Entrepreneur!
Woman, Thy Name Is Entrepreneur!

With over THIRTY-FIVE stalls (and more requests that sadly had to be turned down because of lack of space), I can honestly say that they`ve come in hordes! Masha`Allah!

This may be pre-mature but on behalf of the team at The Undercover Sisters, I want to thank each and every one of you who put in time and effort towards this Expo. We take pride in the fact that this event was organised (top down bottom up, alhumdolillah) by women, for women.

Google says a creative “Thank You” letter is one which adopts a “personal” tone. We believe however that what we have set out to do, Google cannot begin to comprehend. Our task is bigger, our goals higher and our dreams grander. We believe in a better world, we believe in change one tiny foot step at a time and most of all we believe in the sisters that make up our Ummah. More specifically we believe in those who strive with us and for us, we believe in YOU! The fellow entrepreneurs AND loving customers. And we just want to thank you for the time, effort, love and du`as you`ve put in, to help us get to where we are today.

It is Allah (s.w.t) that over-sees tasks and sees them through. He s.w.t, in His infinite wisdom, sends us people at the right time and place to get those tasks done. And we just want to say a very loud ALHUMDOLILLAH for you!

Narrated Abu Hurairah(r.a) that Rasulullah (s.a.w) said: “He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

The last week before the event starts now. The week is crucial! Its time,girls, for intensive marketing! Our promotional stuff is out. Together lets paint the town in OUR COLORS! We send love and du`as your way. May each and every one of you be a roaring success insha`Allah! Be honest, be fair, share love, smiles and continue to DREAM BIG!

Woe to Al-Mutaffifin [those who give less in measure and weight (decrease the rights of others)], Who, when they take a measure from people, take in full. And when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due. Do they not think that they will be resurrected? Unto an Awful Day, The Day when mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds?-Surah Al-Mutaffifeen verses: 1-6

Click here to be directed to event page: Woman,Thy Name is Entrepreneur!
Organized by The Undercover Sisters-your resident Abaya and Hijabs Brand;)

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