The Royal Fiasco

As I woke up today & dragged myself half asleep to our living room , I found my mother watching the royal wedding on TV. I was already looking down my nose on  this royal nonsense, partially owing to my coworkers bubbly (read:sickly) excitement about it for the last week and primarily because of the whole thing being ‘non-ethical’ in my not-so-humble opinion. Many thoughts flashed through my mind when the budget of the wedding was mentioned and it came to noone’s surprise that there wasn’t any; so I started thinking what could have been done with that much money. For starters cutting the cost of china used in the royal dinner to less than a million makes sense to me. It would have served food for those who lost everything in the devastating earthquake in Japan.


The security alone for the whole event is estimated to be around the lines of $20 million which reminded me of the on-going struggle in the middle-east country andwhere this money could have been used. And whats mind boggling is the fact that all this is coming out of the tax payers pocket, where the Queens land is in of the worst economic times as 1.6 million will lose their jobs because of austerity cuts. Not to forget the 600000 public sector jobs are to be axed this year and they think this distraction will make them all jolly and forget about the time where they will be living on $100/week till they get a new job.

Overall, I think the wedding was an utter waste of money and that those who went ahead an enjoyed the event are naught but fools. As Mary Wollstonecraft, said in her 1792 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman:

“Taxes on the very necessaries of life, enable an endless tribe of idle princes and princesses to pass with stupid pomp before a gaping crowd, who almost worship the very parade which costs them so dear.”

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