Loving Nana

“*Dedicated to everyone out there who has had a loved one pass away

Its been more than a year since you passed away, but I still miss you. I miss the way you always towered above me. I miss seeing the way your hand trembled when you wrote something in that unique style of yours. I miss how you would take all the kids for ice-cream while the elders slept. The way you went to “rasheed sahib ki dukaan” thinking no one knew. I miss going for Halwa Puri with you to the Halwai ki Dukaan at Mohni Road,Pehlwana di Gali. I miss your stories of pre-partition and how you always said your simple Matriculation of the British Raj was better than the Graduation Degree of present day Pakistan. I miss how you would try to understand what my being a Computer Engineer meant and what software is. But most of all I just miss having you around, the way you made me feel, and the warmth you emanated. I miss your delight at having won another my-fingers-are-longer-than-yours competition. I miss how good you were at Chess and how you tried in vain to teach us. I hope you found a better companion to play with on “the other side” and I pray your, err “stay” there is to your liking I have realized Dumbeldore was right all along:“To the well-organized mind death is but the next step”. And since I loved you so much and still do (Celine Dione was right too, “My heart will go on…” :P), I have looked up some stuff in the hope that err your “accommodation” will be improved “down there”.

List of Things that Persist Even After We Desist:

Sadqa-e-Jariya {In the form of a water well (or water filter or any other arrangement for water), charity hospitals, mosques, schools etc}

Any form of knowledge that benefits people after we have left (e.g books, videos, cassettes, facebook pages, blogs, websites etc)

Pious children who pray for the dead (Note to self: must become pious asap:P) Dua-e-Maghfirat on behalf of the dead.

Giving Sadqa on behalf of the dead (THIS is like a buy one, get one free deal i.e reward for BOTH the giver and the dead)

And finally all the good we do as pious off-springs of the (pious) dead, they reap the rewards, as children are Sadqa-e-Jariya for parents. So it is absolutely essential to get knowledge of Deen, in order to know what deeds please the Almighty.”

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