It’s That Time of The Year Again!

That time when I start seeing red, literally and figuratively. That time when “love is in the air”, again literally and well figure-ivly (If u know what I mean, think curves;) ). There was a time when Valentine`s Day was relatively  unknown in the Land of the Pure, when us kids used to look forward to the “Green Days”, you know 14th August and 23rd March, when we would take out our little green flags and go around singing “jeeway, jeeway, jeeway Pakistan”. Not so anymore. But I digress. Times changed and now come February each year, us sane Pakis are literally bombarded with red balloons and balloon hearts and those hideous teddy bears, and the poor rose which I once loved and now well since its been branded as the “flower of love”, ughhhh. Oooo and I forgot those mushy letters in US and the even creepier morning shows. Seriously what went wrong people! Now before you write me off as an aging Aunt Agony who has never so much as experienced a whiff of love, let me correct you dearies. I am happily married alhumdolillah to the man I fell in love with. But I am sorry if my idea of love is not going out on a day when every Tom, Dick and Harry is out on a date with every Shumaila, Razia and Shabana and every Nasir, Jamil and Naveed are there to “catch some action” not themselves, mind, but with their cameras and then upload it on youtube, all the while going “astaghfirullah”. Because in their twisted mind what they`re doing is totally okay but the people inside the restaurant are “kafir”. Lets not even go into Islamic aspect of the unmarried couple who is on the date (or their ages for that matter), but the ones with the camera, I think they missed that ayat:

“Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes” – Surah Nuur.

But again I digress, I was talking about being married, now why would I want something “special” from my significant other on a truly “awami” festival, which by the by I know he remembers only because he`s been bombarded by the media (hard to ignore the color red, ask the Mexicans). I would rather be loved on a day that’s exclusive to me or us as a couple, with things that would have a special meaning for me alone, not meaningless teddies and chocolates which every “keWl dUdE wItH fAkE sHaDeS” (and i`m being kind)  is buying within say a million mile radius .

So this valentine I protest! I protest this mindless aping of an alien culture, the almost cultic following of a “saint” who had illicit relations with a “nun” and the inhumane gang-rape of an otherwise pure emotion, I shall wear black!”

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